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Weight loss is arguably one of the toughest personal goals anyone can have. Most people who’ve attempted to lose weight find it difficult and stressful, even unachievable for some. If at all you manage to get some good results, it can be costly in terms of money, time, and effort.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of ways you can approach weight loss and succeed in the end if you manage to closely follow your program. At the same time, there are methods that a said to work but in the real sense they never turn out fruitful.

Higher chances are that you know this already. That one of the best ways to lose weight is through directing most of your focus towards nutrition and diet. The type and amount of food you consume play a huge role in determining how much your body will gain or lose at any one particular time. Your feeding habit is also part and parcel of the crucial determinants.

As a matter of fact, the experts believe that proper diet can lead to up to 70% weight loss. But herbs, exercise, starvation, and weight loss products aside, what diets should you consume to achieve your weight loss goals? Just for some enlightenment, here are 3 diet plans that actually help you lose weight.

Ketogenic (high fat low carb) Diet

Simply put, the ketogenic diet is a diet that contains high amounts of healthy fats and lower amounts of carbohydrates. Some like to call it a high-fat low-carb diet. Only 5-20% of the food you take should contain carbohydrate-rich foods instead of the 30-50% in a standard diet. You get your healthy fats from foods like avocados, nuts, oils, and fish. The word keto comes from the fact that instead of carbohydrates; more fats deposited in the body are broken down into ketones to provide energy.

The fat burning process is enhanced when you consume the right portions of healthy fats in your diet. This diet is not only helpful for weight loss; it makes it quicker and less stressful for you. In addition to faster weight loss, other benefits of the keto diet include mood boost, improved sleep, enhanced mental clarity, and improved skin complexion.

Vegan Diet

A good number of people confuse vegan diets with vegetarian diets. In a layman’s language, Vegans are stricter vegetarians. In addition to skipping foods such as meat, fish, and poultry, vegans eliminate these and all other animal products including eggs and dairy. With a vegan diet, you’ll be a diehard fan of plant foods like beans, legumes, whole grains, leafy greens, nuts, fruits, and seeds.

Skipping animal products can be an effective way to shed those extra pounds off, especially if you’re fond of burgers, meat pies, and lots of chicken with fries and other oily stuff. In addition to helping you lose weight, a vegan diet can also help you avoid chronic ailments such as diabetes, and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer. One thing you should know though, sticking to a vegan diet will hardly be a walk in the park.

1200 Calorie/Day Diet

Consuming 1200 calories a day can actually help you lose weight faster than you imagined. However, there’s a catch or several. You still have to watch the foods you eat. Instead of giving yourself 1200 calories of junk, get these calories from a healthy, balanced diet composed of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs. You might also want to go a bit higher with you calorie intake depending on how athletic you are. From the food you eat, the body has to sustain its energy demands.

For all the diets above, you have to know the right time to eat. You have to observe your eating habit. Instead of consuming one heavy meal in a single sitting, go for 4-6 small food portions spread out evenly throughout the day excluding your sleep time. Nonetheless, weight loss is highly dependent on the foods you take. You’ll also want to keep your intake of sugars and starch low and perhaps increase your protein intake to take your appetite a tad lower.

For a bonus, and as this page lays it out, the HCG Diet Protocol can be an amazing plan to try especially if you’ve not been so successful with other weight loss plans.

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